The Types of Gamblers that You Will Find in a Casino

When you enter a casino, you will witness a completely disconnected world from the outside world. There are no windows and clocks inside the casino, so you will forget about the kind of people who are working and living outside. Inside the casino is a world where everyone wants to win, everyone wants to have a good time. You will meet all kinds of players who are there to make money or just to have a good time. Here are the type of gamblers you will find inside any casino. If you pay a little extra attention, you can distinguish their types based on the traits they possess. It will also help you choose your tables wisely and stay away from the sharks.

Casual social gamblers

Casual social gamblers are generally the young and successful people who visit casinos just like they would visit clubs to hand out with their friends. These players do not have any intention actually to win a lot of money from the games. They are here to have a good time, make new friends, and enjoy their free drinks.


Serious social gamblers

When the social gamblers develop a little bit of interest in the games and feel they actually have a chance, they become serious about winning. They learn the basic strategies and discover they are not as bad as the rest of the social gamblers. However, they still consider gambling as entertainment and know when to call it quits.

Escape gamblers

A group of gamblers can be seen getting drunk, using drugs, and playing risky bets with confidence. These are the escape gamblers who consider drinking and gambling an escape from their problems. Even though they may be in a miserable state for some time, they can always go back to their regular lives once they have healed from their depression.


Conventional gamblers

The tourists who are in the casinos for a one-time experience are called conventional gamblers. They do not mind winning or losing inside the casinos. A trip to the casino is one of the things they want to do in their lives, along with other activities like scuba diving, hiking, and traveling. They are the easy fishes for the pros who really want to make some money.

Personality gamblers

If you have to be extra careful with any type of gambler, it is the personality gambler. They use every trick in their sleeves to win money. They cheat during the games and may also put you the blame for things if they work to their advantage. If a player insists on doing you favors, you know you have to careful around them.


Compulsive gambler

The gamblers who develop a bad habit of gambling and cannot quit it for any good reason are the compulsive gamblers. They lose their money, life, relationships because of gambling and need serious consultation about their habit. Compulsive gamblers do not suffer physically from gambling but may have other addictions like alcohol and drugs.

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